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Via Domodossola, 25 – 28016 ORTA SAN GIULIO (NO) – Italia
Tel. e fax: +390323888821

15th Italian Sculling Challenge – Memorial Don Angelo Villa
5th Orta Lake Eights Challenge – DI-BI Trophy

Orta Lake – Saturday and Sunday, October 16-17, 2021

1. Local Organizing Committee (COL)
ASD Canottieri Lago d’Orta in collaboration with the Piedmont Regional Rowing Committee and Municipalities of Orta San Giulio, Miasino and Pettenasco.

2. Promotional competitions
The races not valid for National rankings are: A) The Long Distance Promotional race (Orta Lake Eights Challenge) with boats of “EIGHT” for the distance of 6000 meters; B) Long distance promotional race (Italian Sculling Challenge) with single boats for a distance of 6000 meters; C) Promotional race (Memorial don Angelo Villa Youth categories) with boats “7.20” and “Single” for a distance of 1000 meters.
Athletes in the Master categories can compete in the Senior category, in which case the entire crew will be ranked in the Senior category. The race is open to regions and athletes outside of Italy.

The COL has adapted to the latest protocols of measures for contrasting and limiting the spread of the CoViD-19 virus during events.

3. Programmed competitions and crews allowed
A) Orta Lake Eights Challenge, race in 8+ departure (blocks of 6-8 crews, not necessarily of the same category) boats will depart every 30″ for the categories U16, Junior, Senior, Master, and University [*], in categories feminine or masculine; joint corporate crews are allowed; in all categories mixed male/female crews are allowed [**], for the distance of 6,000 meters. Given the promotional value of the event, for the current edition of the Orta Lake Eights Challenge, for the Senior category athletes belonging to the category U16 are allowed to enroll and make-up to 50% of the crew.
B) Italian Sculling Challenge, one departure per everyone (mass start) in lines of 25 single boats for athletes in the category of U16, Junior, Senior or Master (A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H), female and male for the distance of 6.000 meters.
C) Memorial don Angelo Villa Youth cat., one departure for each category in single/7.20 for athletes Pupils B1 and B2 and Pupils C (boat 7.20) and Cadets (single skiff) for the distance of 1,000 meters.
[*] Crew with at least 5 athletes enrolled in the current academic year.
[**] will be classified in the cat. Male

4. Departures sequence
The departure of race A) will start at 10am o’clock on Saturday 16 Oct 2021 with a cadence of 30″ between the different boats (of each block) and one hour between the blocks; The departure of race C) will commence at 10am o’clock on Sunday 17 Oct 2021; The departure of race B) will be at 12am o’clock on Sunday 17 Oct 2021. For all races the crews must be upstream of the departure 15′ before departure.

5. Entries
Participants may register online at no later than midnight Monday 4 Oct 2021; The week before the race, the athlete and clubs participating will be published on the Orta Lake Challenge site at
Each registered athlete will receive a free winter hat with the logo of the event offered by Di-Bi.

6. Cost of Entry
RACE A) Orta Lake Eights Challenge (8+) the Boat 8+ (FILIPPI) could be provided by COL.

Orta Lake Eights Challenge
OLCve2020* before 26/09 OLCve2020* from 27/09 Before 26/09/2021 From 27/09/2021
NOT Master team 120 € 160 € 180 € 220 €
NOT Master team + rented boat 220 € 260 € 280 € 320 €
Master team 200 € 240 € 240 € 280 €
Master team + rented boat 300 € 340 € 340 € 380 €
Italian Sculling Challenge
OLCve2020* before 26/09 OLCve2020* from 27/09 Before 26/09/2021 From 27/09/2021
NOT Master entry 20 € 30 € 30 € 40 €
Master entry 30 € 40 € 40 € 50 €

RACE C) Youth categories: € 10 per athlete.

The payment must be made at the time of registration by bank transfer to:
Beneficiary: ASD Canottieri Lago d’Orta
Please note in the comments section your name and the races included in this payment.
It will be the organization’s responsibility to publish the crews registered on the site It will be the responsibility of the companies to check the crews registered before the accreditation.
In case of non-participation monies not be refunded for any registration fee or boat rental.

7. Maximum number of crews allowed
RACE A: 40 crews (eight members each) 30 crews (eight members each) maximum with boats provided by the organization.
RACE B: 150 individual entries.
RACE C: for Youth categories 120 individual entries.
COL reserves the right to close and or modify entry limits as needed.

8. Facilitation
Athletes who are already registered for the Orta Lake Eights Challenge (8+) at the time of accreditation for Italian Sculling Challenge races (single) will receive a credit of €15. The participation fee is reduced for the participants of the Orta Lake Challenge virtual edition 2020 (see table in Paragraph 6). For those who want to rent a single boat, please send a request to no later than 15 Sep 2021.

9. Accreditation
Can be picked up from the COL Secretary Saturday 16 Oct 2021 from 7.30 to 8.30am for the races of 8+ and Sunday 17 Oct 2021 from 7.30am to 8.30am for the Single skiff race. The definitive race program will be affixed to the bulletin board at the Orta club within 30 minutes of confirming the accreditations and post them on site

10. Verify entries
The COL Secretary will verify entries on Wednesday 13th October at 5pm. A detailed program of races will be posted on the bulletin board and on Any further communications on race day will be posted on the bulletin board at the Orta club or announced by the speaker in an emergency.

11. Awards

5th Orta Lake Eights Challenge
The first place winners will be awarded the DI-BI TROPHY that will remain in the seat of the rowing club and each year will be updated with a name plate of the winning team. The winners will be given a miniature reproduction and each athlete a splash guard from the “Orta Lake Challenge” collection offered by DI-BI; the second classified will be given a thermal shirt and the third classified a technical shirt, offered by DI-BI. The prizes will be delivered the same day during the award ceremony.
MEDALS of I, II and III grade will be assigned to the first three rowing crews of all the categories.
To the first crew absolute Master category will be delivered the FRANCO FORNARA TROPHY.

15th ITALIAN SCULLING CHALLENGE (Memorial don Angelo Villa)
To be awarded:
– Commemorative TROPHIES to the first, second and third place athletes absolute cat. Male;
– Commemorative TROPHIES to the first, second and third place athletes absolute cat. Female;
– MEDALS of I, II and III grade will be awarded to the top three rowers in each category.
To the first three athletes classified in the categories U16 and Juniors both male and female will be awarded a trophy.
To celebrate the 15th Italian Sculling Challenge the Perpetual Trophy “Don Angelo Villa”, offered by the Rowing Federation in memory of Don Angelo Villa founder of the Canottieri Lake Orta who was a passionate teacher of young and adult champions, a mentor and Chaplin to the Italian rowers will be awarded to the two athletes in the overall ranking for women and men. Name plates will be attached to the trophy that will remain on the premises of the organizing association.
The first place Master class female will be awarded the Massimo Forni Trophy.
The first three athletes of each Master category will be rewarded with local products.
The Club with the largest number of participants be awarded the Giorgio Adami Trophy.

15th Memorial don Angelo Villa – Youth categories
A medal and a gadget will be awarded to the first three athletes classified in the categories Pupils B1-B2, Pupils C and Cadets both male and female.

12. Timekeepers
Timing will be taken care of by the the Italian Federation of Timekeepers – Novara and VCO.


COL Secretary: Paolo ANDREOLI
COL President: Antonio SOIA

Secretary Councilor: Alessandra SERENO
President: Emilia LODIGIANI

The announcement was approved by the Federation of Italian Rowers (F.I.C) on: 28/09/2021

General Secretary: Maurizio LEONE
President: Giuseppe ABBAGNALE




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