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Via Domodossola, 25 – 28016 ORTA SAN GIULIO (NO) – Italia
Tel. e fax: +390323888821
info@ortalakechallenge.com www.ortalakechallenge.com

15th Italian Sculling Challenge – Memorial Don Angelo Villa
5th Orta Lake Eights Challenge – DI-BI Trophy

Orta Lake – Saturday and Sunday, October 16-17, 2021

COL (Local Organizing Committee) Race code Norm 46, ASD Canottieri Lago d’Orta in collaboration with the Piedmont Regional Rowing Committee and Municipalities of Orta San Giulio, Miasino and Pettenasco.

N. Role Contact Cell phone number
1 President Antonio SOIA 335.6675878
2 Race Secretary Patrizio ANDREOLI 380.7366530
3 Race Organizer Stefano BASALINI 331.6984310
4 Nautical Equipment Jiri VLCEK
5 Covid Manager – Health And Rescue Manager – Security Manager – Race Physician Paolo ANDREOLI 348.5143100
6 Boat Area Manager Jiri VLCEK 370.3115487
7 Pontoon Manager Paolo PITTINO 392.5526093
8 Race Course Manager Marco CONGIU 333.6879922
9 Communication and Media Manager Valentina GIORLA 340.4647513
President of the Jury a cura della CDA

The sports facilities of the CANOTTIERI LAGO D’ORTA A.S.D. are located in Via Domodossola, 25 – 28016 ORTA SAN GIULIO (NO) – ITALY.
ROAD: coming from the south on motorway A26 – exit Arona or Borgomanero and take the direction towards Lago d’Orta; from the north on SS33 or SS34 go towards Gravellona Toce and continue in the direction of Lago d’Orta.
TRAINS: the nearest train station to the Canottieri Lago d’Orta is the Orta-Miasino station on the Novara-Domodossola line. Other stations to use are Verbania-Pallanza or Arona on the Milan-Domodossola line.
PLANES: the nearest airport is Milan Malpensa. Other airports to use are Milan Linate, Orio al Serio or Turin Caselle.

As listed on the safety plan, the parking areas are located at the Canottieri Headquarters. The COL will provide the night surveillance of the boat area for the entire period of the competition, as coordinated by the civil protection personnel per application 22 of the race code.

From 8am on Saturday 16 Oct 2021 for the first block of crews departing, the helmsmen will have to present themselves to the weight station located at the Canottieri Lago d’Orta with a valid ID, dressed in a T-shirt and shorts or other garments of competition, excluding sweatshirts, sweaters, leg socks, wind jackets, K-way, etc. The ballast must be returned in tact by the helmsman himself in the same place at the end of the race and once free of the pontoons.

As listed on the race plan displayed and published on the Federation website, the entrance and exit of the race course is allowed only from the pontoons. The use of the pontoons are intended exclusively for the execution of the race and any different use of the pontoons are prohibited. The access will be authorized by the GA or commissioned by the COL only before the start time of the intended race according to the numbering sequence. It is recommended to follow the instruction of the operators of the pontoons keeping the space clear only for athletes competing in the intended race. Avoid abandonment of any object on the pontoons. In the absence of sufficient pontoons the crews who have carried out the race must always give priority to the outgoing crews as shown in the attached race plan.

The race course will be available for training on 16 Oct 2021 from 3pm to 5pm with two safety and rescue motorboats in the race course. Outside of that time, training is not allowed.

The race briefing will convene at 8am on Saturday 16 Oct 2021 at the headquarters of the Canottieri of Lago d’Orta. The briefing will confirm the program of the competitions and eventual cancellation in total or partial for all competitions as decided by the President of the jury.

The decision of the COL is that security is of the utmost importance, therefore according to Norm 61-65, every single competitor and team representative will always have to behave in accordance with these norms. A chart of the race course with all the relevant elements will be displayed at the booth of the Race Secretary and in full view when validating entries of each club. It is prohibited to try sprints and departures in the proximity of the race course. The crews of each group must be upstream of the departure 15′ before the first start of their group. Competitors will have to present themselves to the pre-alignment Marshall and follow the instructions for the check and alignments. Crews who withdraw on the course must communicate it to a GA or auxiliary either directly or through the rescuers.
All rowers and team representatives must behave in accordance with the rules in force regarding the use and safety conditions of their boats, oars and other equipment. It is also the responsibility of the rowers, coaches, clubs or affiliated federations to ensure that all their equipment is suitable for the prevailing conditions of the lake during the race. They must abide by the instructions of the jury and the COL on all security issues. Coaches and team managers will be given traffic rules to enforce on the race course with their rowers.
It is the responsibility of every rower, coach and team manager to read, understand and comply with all traffic rules. In addition, during warm-up and cool down the rowers must: 1) Not cross the line of arrival (in any direction) while the boats taking part in another race are in process of crossing the finishing line, 2) Stop when other races are approaching their position 3) Not follow a race on all or part of the course, even outside the area with buoys if they are not participating in that race.
During the official training and race hours no boat (moving or stationary) will be allowed on the race course or in the training areas without the approval of the jury president. The President of the jury will decide the position and the movements of the authorized boats, eg. lance of course judges, rescue boats, boats for television shooting, service boats, etc. The COL is responsible for ensuring that no non-authorized rower or crew is allowed to go into the water at any time from the first day the race course is open to the end of the races without the specific approval of the jury president.
There will be a presence of 9 boats with drivers, of these 2 will be staffed by the Italian Red Cross and 1 with rescue driver staff. There will be 2 ambulances on the ground of which one will include a licensed medical doctor. Residual risks on the ground and in the water may result from sudden weather changes and inadequate behavior of the participants and spectators of the event. The assistance staff will provide for the limitation if not the cancellation of such risks. The positioning of the means of rescue, on the ground and in the water, is highlighted in the attached Safety Plan and will be subject to the particular determinations of the President of the jury.

The awards will be given at the “Nuovo Porto Turistico” located near the Canottieri Lago d’Orta.
– Races on Saturday 16 October: from 1pm.
– Races on Sunday 17 October: Pupils and Cadets from 10.30am; Singles from 1pm.

When infractions occur, the jury will sanction the following infringements by applying time penalties, which can accumulate, to be summed up at the time used in the course:
– For limited delay at pontoon access: 5″
– Minor infringements of traffic rules and improper use of docks: 10″
– Delay to call of Marshall or Starter: 10″
– Obstacle to overtaking: mild 20″, significant 40″
– Early departure in the alignment phase (in the online): 60″
– Slight overboarding: 60″
– Buoy avoidance: crew disqualification
The departure of a late crew will be penalized by 10″ and will occur when the Starter deems it appropriate.

Races at 10am on Saturday 16 Oct and 12.00 noon on Sunday 3 Oct
Race 1): Departure from Nuovo Porto Turistico go around the buoys in Riva Pisòla (Pettenasco)-circumnavigation of the island of San Giulio-return to the Gulf of Bagnera – total distance 6,000 meters. A chart of the course with all the tracking elements will be in view while the clubs are credited.
Race at 10am on Sunday 17 Oct for Pupils, Cadets
Race 2): Departure from the buoys in the area of Hotel Approdo (Pettenasco) – arrival at Nuovo Porto Turistico – total distance 1,000 meters. In case of cancelled races the sequence may undergo changes that will be reported as soon as possible to the clubs involved.

– Plan of the Race Course
– Safety Plan for race 6000 m (single and 8+)
– Safety plan Young 1000 m
– Protocol of measures to combat and contain the spread of the CoViD-19 virus during events.

The race course for the Singles and for the 8+ is constituted by an irregular path of 6,000 meters with departures respectively in line and timed. There are 2 buoys, one in Pettenasco and one in front of the town of Orta San Giulio (Piazza Motta) as well as the circumnavigation of the island of San Giulio and Punta Mòvero.

The race rules are an integral part of the “Announcement of Races” approved by the FIC on 28/09/2021

The President of the COL
Antonio Soia

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